Re: [stella] Dragons & Dragsters

Subject: Re: [stella] Dragons & Dragsters
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 09:53:26 -0400
On Monday 09 September 2002 07:37, Manuel Polik wrote:
> Eckhard Stolberg was able to recreate the trick and used it in several
> demos, like 'Move This' and 'Kung Fu Sprites' and Rob Kudla did it again
> for his "Boing" demo.

Well, credit where credit's due.  I reused Eckhard's Move This code for 
Boing26, treating it almost as a black box.  In fact I didn't treat it as 
enough of a black box as Eckhard had to inform me that I messed up the 
scanline count ;)

I actually don't understand the flow of the 6-character sprite kernels, to 
the extent of Boing actually only having a 5-character sprite worth of 
data.  I just wrote a blank sprite to the sixth copy because when I 
stopped repositioning it weird visual artifacts showed up and I got too 
preoccupied with fixing the scanline issue to tighten up the kernel when 
it was doing what little I wanted it to.

You mentioning Sea Wolf made me remember the other "submarine game" of 
that era, Depth Charge, which would be very, very easy to implement on the 
2600 and in fact it'd probably be much cooler than the original.  It's 
basically Air-Sea battle only slower and with multiple rows of computer 
controlled (not A.I.) subs onscreen at the same time.  I think you could 
drop charges from the left or right end of your destroyer which I suppose 
would be tricky to do intuitively using the 2600 joystick.  I always liked 
Depth Charge a lot better than Sea Wolf even though I think it was simpler.

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