Re: [stella] The FAQ as it stands

Subject: Re: [stella] The FAQ as it stands
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:01:44 +0200
Hi Mark!

> OK, here's the FAQ as I've got it so far. I've added 
> a bit, shifted some around, rewritten bits and shifted 
> other parts into a dummy variable until I get farther 
> along.

Ok, let me comment on all of this :-)

Two general things:

- I think it's better to post the FAQ *copied* into 
mails, not *included*

- Right now the line-length is unlimited and you're 
dependent of any wrapping funtionality of your viewer. 
In Opera I'd have to scroll the complete text vertically 
for example. I'd suggest limiting it to the standart 
line-length of 72(?) chars per line

>   What you won't see is some of the material that was 
posted back when this
>   got started back in May of 2000, but I've clipped a 
bunch of this stuff
>   into the pure hash version of the file and I'll be 
editing it in during my
>   next session with the FAQ, I expect. You won't see 
it here, but it will be
>   in soon. If there were any suggestions in the 
archives for what ought to
>   go into the FAQ that are outside that time frame, I 
probably haven't seen
>   them yet so you may want to point me to them.

There was some big discussion about a Version 2.0 of the 
programming guide. More or less it stopped in total 
skeleton form, but its index regarding programming was 
way more complete then the current one in the FAQ.

Try searching the archive for "Stelladoc v2". It 
happened mainly Sep/Oct 2001

To single FAQ points:

> 1.7 How do I submit to the FAQ?

Cool answer! Might work :-)

> Programming the 6502 by Rodnay Saks (Sybex, 1978-, 
> ISBN 0-89588-135-7)

Z :-)

> The 6507 has only 13 address lines, providing an 8K 
> address space.

Is that true? Why do I need 8K BS then?

> Also, remember that far more is expected from games on 
> the PC than any one programmer can create within a 
> reasonable span of time.  To write a PC game of 
> professional quality is beyond the scope of a 
> hobbyist.

I know what you're tryng to tell here,

but I need only some 30 lines of code in Blitz-BASIC to 
have Super Mario running around in a Quake level.

but People have done Javascript/DHTML Combat or Kaboom 
in less than a day.



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