Re: [stella] The FAQ as it stands

Subject: Re: [stella] The FAQ as it stands
From: "Mark Graybill" <saundby@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:11:49 -0700
OK, thanks for the feedback, all.

The section that talks about what it takes  to produce a PC game is part of
what I carried over verbatim from the existing version of the FAQ. I'll want
finish putting programming info in before I'll make time to go back and
rework more general discussions.

I'll add linebreaks, and put it in the message body. The linebreaks may not
get in right away.

I'll add a note about the 2600 memory map to the CPU section. I'd planned on
dealing with the memory map elsewhere, but I guess it's worth a note in the
CPU section to avoid confusion. Thanks for the reference for the memory map
article, I'll get that in.

At present I'm planning to include snippets of code for the basic functions
of the machine, and cut and paste snippets for the more advanced code
functions from prior posts. More involved coding discussions will be
referenced by URL. I'll take a look at the dicussions around v2 of the
programming guide in the archives to see what I can reference or use. I'm
going to try to fill in more info in the programming sections that are
outlined now before I start expanding the outline, though.

Thanks again,

Mark G.

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