RE: [stella] Space Instigators - Final Version (?)

Subject: RE: [stella] Space Instigators - Final Version (?)
From: "Eric Ball" <eball@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 08:09:47 -0400
>>I've also seen some times where it seems like some additional scanlines
>>happening (z26).  The screen also jumps between levels.  No phantom lines
>>that I saw.

>Hrm, I'll assume you were looking at Sp16.bin, so I'll wait until some
feedback on Sp17.bin comes back before I go fiddle. It seems okay on this
end now...

Nope, this was with sp17.  You kernel sounds mucho complex.  Much worse
than my unrolled & chunked kernel for Skeleton.  Hmm, could you be
overrunning your VBLANK timer?  That would shift the screen down & add some
scanlines.  I'll have to play with -v9 and see if I get more than 262

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