Re: [stella] Star Fire: Daily update :-)

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire: Daily update :-)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 08:47:37 +0200
Hi Christopher!

> It looks great (emu)! I'd love to see it on real 
> hardware - I realise I'm probably asking the world 
> here but is there any way you can get it down to 6k 
> Supercharger compatible.? I mean if you've only 
> allocated for 8k but are not actually using > 6k yet 
> and it's not a huge pain in the butt to change the 
> template....

Hehe, lucky you are, this request happened virtually 
last-minute. Until now, there was no interaction between 
the 4K game code and the 4K intro code, so I easily can 
do a 4K version. -> Attached.

This is probably the last doable 4K version, as I'm now 
proceeding to switch between banks during the game.

Hm... right now the complete game + intro is only 
consuming something less than 3K.

I spent some time thinking wether I should go for a 4K 
game instead, but doing 8K gives that warm feeling of 
security :-)

And, in case, I might just fill some 3K with music :-)

Hope the radar contrast is better now.


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