Re: [stella] Star Fire: Meteor Dance!

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire: Meteor Dance!
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:13:04 +0100
Hi Thomas,

>Manuel wrote:
>>I just finished coding most of the presentation and I 
>>thought too ask you, how you like the general idea of 
>>this - before I start coding definite rules for this.

> This is getting cool! (though now the stationary 
> starfield compared to the moving meteors looks IMO a 
> little bit odd :-)

You're right - I already thought about introducing 30Hz 
flicker of the background stars - on purpose - during 
the meteors! sequence.

> Maybe you could also add some Asteroids elements here, 
> e.g. splitting the meteors into two or more smaller 
> pieces. Then some pieces could contain bonus items or 
> energy, and you have to pick them up. 

Hm... hm... I don't think a multiplying effect would be 
too good. Not because it's stolen from Asteroids, but 
it'd probably require a more asteroids like movement 
scheme of the meteors, too, which doesn't make too much 
sense in a 3rd person perpective. 

And though it currently probably looks like way more 
objects onscreen, I'm still limited to a max of 10 
objects at once.

What you see now is never more than

1 shot
2 ships
1 diamond
6 meteors

But - what I think is a very good part of your idea is 
hiding the diamonds in the meteors. So you have to try 
and shoot a meteor first to get a diamond. Cool!

>> Ah - and even way more important, turn the volume up 
>> to maximum, as you're in for a surprise of a special 
>> kind!!! ;-)

>"He" is a genius, isn't he?! ;-) 

I'll call "him" ->TIA-Wizard<- from now own :-)

> So, did you finally accept, that you can't do 
> everything yourself? ;-)

Not in 100 years I could produce any music coming close 
to that masterpiece. I'm sooo happy that I asked him, 
since I never even dreamed of having a tune that good 
for my game - TIA music that good just seemed to be not 

BTW: When comparing his current driver to the old one, I 
didn't fail to recognize how ultra-optimized the code is 
now... :-)

> BTW: Will you continue using the 2LK version for the 
> title screen?

Yes! :-)

> We had (tried) a poll about the two versions, and the 
>1LK (see attachment) got a massive 100%(!) of the votes 
>(exactly *one* vote in total ;-). 

I still think the 2LK version is fitting better, since 
everything in the complete game is 2LK.

And I still like it better, when the horizontal lines 
are almost as thick as the vertical ones.

Or in other words - any byte not used for the logo is a 
byte more available for Paul to work his magic. :-)

If you like, I can draw a "Robot City" logo for you, 
than you can use the 1LK variant for that?


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