RE: [stella] RIOT RAM test

Subject: RE: [stella] RIOT RAM test
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 02:34:25 -0600
Okay, I just ran this puppy and here are my results:

1) 2600 heavy sixer (with channel selection switch):

Cycling power would sometimes cause the numbers to change, although the
first two rows would always be:


Removing the power adapter was a more surefire way to get different results
on power-up.

2) 2600 Jr. (long rainbow):

All 00's!  Power cycled (including removing power completely) 20 times, no

3) 7800 (modified with Dev. OS):

Always the same results, power cycling (and removing power completely) made
no difference.

first two lines:


last two lines:


A 17 line display is also what I was witness to.  I have several unmolested
7800s handy that I can also test on, but I don't seem to have a 7800 power
supply in sight.  If anyone feels that will be useful, I'll dig one up.


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> Hello!
> Dennis Debro schrieb:
> >
> > Eckhard Stolberg wrote:
> > >When you do this it would be nice, if you could run a little
> > >RAM test program too. I'm curious to know how random the
> > >RIOT RAM really is at power-up.
> >
> > This is a simple program that will output the RAM values to the
> screen. Of course I had to use RAM to get this done. But it does
> at least give an idea of the suspected ramdomness of RAM at power
> up. Nothing fancy here just your typical 6 digit display. I was
> playing around with PAL/NTSC colors and scan lines so the right
> difficulty switch will change from PAL (A) and NTSC (B).
> >
> > I've run this on 3 emulators and they seem to work fine. I'm
> not doing anything illegal so it should work on the VCS as well.
> The idea is to burn this to an EPROM to see what Stella outputs
> at power up.
> On my Junior modell it shows always zeroes (except the $EE area were
> the variables are stored).
> 20 lines running in PAL:
> The last two lines are (as far as i can decipher them):
> 00 00 03 EC 05 00
> F7 00 F7 18 F7 60
> Only 17 lines are visible when running in NTSC on my PAL-TV.
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