Re: [stella] CAG -- looks both neat, and, um, icky at the same time! ;^)

Subject: Re: [stella] CAG -- looks both neat, and, um, icky at the same time! ;^)
From: Aaron Bergstrom <Aaron.Bergstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 18:59:47 -0600

Your sprite creation tool is available from the website anymore. The following link is dead:

Where else might I find the source code for it? I will work what I can into CAG.

As far as the look and feel goes... I'll see what I can do to get that into the preferences menu.


Ruffin Bailey wrote:
I've put alot of time into CAG so far so my girlfriend thinks I should sell the software... but as it's probably not going to be a big money maker... and because it was never my intension... I plan on giving it away to homebrew developers. Hopefully it will run on Windows, Mac, and linux. See the url below for screenshots:

Neat idea, and I like the 2600-safe color picker a lot, but ACK! The Windows Look & Feel from JVM 1.3-!!! May I introduce you to ? :^)

You're certainly welcome to steal anything you want from ye olde unimpressive player graphic creation tool ( which is also Java.

Not sure I see the need to make the CAG a webstart app (downloading the bin each time to me has always seemed a waste if you're not worried about somebody dissembling code), but looks like you're off to a great start. I might try it on OS X soon and give you a screengrab, just to purty thangs up a bit on your site. Ack ack! :^)

Good luck,

Ruffin Bailey


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