Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)

Subject: Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 15 Dec 2002 05:35:29 -0000
> On Saturday 14 December 2002 15:49, KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > There's a prefectly terrific Perl/Tk library these days...
> > Isn't Tk the juice that gives Tcl its GUIs?? If so, I'd strongly
> > recommend it, it's what my wrapper to Blint/ launcher of DASM
> > that I'm working on is in.
> Getting Perl/Tk (or Perl with any other graphical toolkit) to work with t=
> he
> Perl compiler is an incredible pain in the ass.  In fact, I don't believe=
> =20
> I've ever seen it work at all (it always requires the user to still insta=
> ll=20
> some Perl libraries on his machine and by no means fits on a floppy.)  If=
> =20

ActiveState's PerlApp does the trick I think, and builds in that 
floppy limit I think.

> Neither Perl nor Tcl compiles to native code; they both work by embedding=
> interpreter and the scripts/libraries/modules into one big file.  

> Tcl's=20
> interpreter is about a quarter the size of Perl's and Tk is linked in. =20
> Getting external libraries to work with it is just as much of a pain but=20
> since the GUI is in there already you really don't need to.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if PerlApp could make smaller binaries if it realized you weren't running "eval" statements...

> Sorry for the topic drift.  If you'd like more of my thoughts about Tcl I=
>  put=20
> a page up earlier this year about it:


I had to debug some Tcl back in the day. Never did like the syntax much.

"There are two adults and one child. Majority rules. 
 Live like an animal or die." --James Israel

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