Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)

Subject: Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 14 Dec 2002 20:49:13 -0000
[some topic drift here]

> > I have the ability to turn perl scripts into Windows .exe, albeit at
> > the cost of making a fattish binary...
> I can too.... now. ;)  
> But if I wrote something to do this now I'd probably write it in Tcl.... easy 
> to make a gui that works on Linux, Windows or Mac, capabiliities similar to 
> perl (though with kinda retarded syntax) and trivial to make a standalone 
> executable on any of those platforms which is surprisingly unbloated (I've 
> never had one that didn't fit on a floppy yet.)  

There's a prefectly terrific Perl/Tk library these days...
Isn't Tk the juice that gives Tcl its GUIs?? If so, I'd strongly 
recommend it, it's what my wrapper to Blint/ launcher of DASM
that I'm working on is in.

> I've been working on an emulator front end so I can run the same interface off 
> of CD or floppy on all the machines in my house and while Tcl is an annoying 
> language, the crossplatformness without size or dependencies or low level 
> programming is kinda nice.

Do you think Tcl compiles to smaller than Perl, is that what you're 
getting at?

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