Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)

Subject: Re: [stella] An Alternative Distro Method For ROM Hacks (Patches)
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 13:16:08 -0500
On Saturday 14 December 2002 12:36, KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > values) and saved it under a new name.  After lots of people from rgvc
> > chided me for doing that (mainly because no one wanted to install perl
> > just to patch a ROM) I gave in and started distributing my hacks the
> I have the ability to turn perl scripts into Windows .exe, albeit at
> the cost of making a fattish binary...

I can too.... now. ;)  

But if I wrote something to do this now I'd probably write it in Tcl.... easy 
to make a gui that works on Linux, Windows or Mac, capabiliities similar to 
perl (though with kinda retarded syntax) and trivial to make a standalone 
executable on any of those platforms which is surprisingly unbloated (I've 
never had one that didn't fit on a floppy yet.)  

I've been working on an emulator front end so I can run the same interface off 
of CD or floppy on all the machines in my house and while Tcl is an annoying 
language, the crossplatformness without size or dependencies or low level 
programming is kinda nice.


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