Re: [stella] 60fps vs 30fps

Subject: Re: [stella] 60fps vs 30fps
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:20:45 +1100
The rate at which a game performs its tasks doesn't have to have a 1:1
correspondence to the rate of the TV frame display.  The TV frame display
always proceeds at 60Hz for NTSC (actually, 59.94 but who's counting) and at
50Hz for PAL.  If the game does everything it needs to in one frame, then
it, too, is running at 60Hz (NTSC).  If, however, the game does things over
two TV frames (that is, it takes two frames to update everything it needs to
for one game 'cycle') then the game is running at 30Hz.  If it takes 3
frames for your game to do everything it needs to do (drawing, etc.) then it
is running at 20Hz (60/3).   20Hz is about the low-limit of acceptable
animation - below that things start to get jerky and/or flickery.

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Subject: [stella] 60fps vs 30fps

> What's the basic difference between a 60 fps game vs a 30 fps game? Is
> it just a matter of when you turn the VBLANK on and off or is there
> something more... or does it not have anything to do with the VBLANK at
> Aaron
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