Re: [stella] Tree Hugger update

Subject: Re: [stella] Tree Hugger update
From: Billy Eno <ceno@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 10:15:59 -0600
Thanks. The page appears to be back up now, I don't know what happened.


Aaron Bergstrom wrote:

I liked the Tree Hugger demo. I tried to check out the game's webpage, but it appears as though your whole website has gone down. All I'm getting is a "page not found" error in IE and connection reject in NS 7.

Billy Eno wrote:

Hello All,

Attached is an early playing demo of the first screen of Tree Hugger, it is called "Pave the Greenbelt." You are a little bulldozer running around, bulldozing trees and ponds to make way for lanes of traffic. After the lanes appear, cars start zipping across to add to the channel. All the while you avoid the hikers. Not too much to look at yet (and yes, I noticed the extra line that appears) but I've been working on it, so I wanted to show it off some. Any comments are welcome.

Also, I have updated the baroquegeaming page. ( It was getting pretty stale. I've added a couple new variations of Warring Worms and updated the Tree Hugger page. The Tree Hugger page ( has more details on what the game will be like when it is finished.


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