Re: [stella] Space Treat new version

Subject: Re: [stella] Space Treat new version
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 17:19:37 -0600
Hi Fabrizio,

> Humm ok, in fact if you wanted to take a picture of it that would be
> complicated.. I could make it wait for the firebutton to be pressed, would
> that be better?

Yes, I think that would be fine.  I also like Thomas' suggestion of perhaps
displaying "Game Over" above or below that text.  I don't know if you have
that much room left in the binary, though.

> Well, to tell the truth, I've only managed to get around to the same level
> as you did. Anyway, since I'm just an average gamer, I always try to set
> games so they're a little hard for me.. maybe too hard this time?
> I can always work on that! (and take your advice for the difficulty switch
> :)

I don't think the progression of difficulty is too bad, although I dread to
think of how difficult the game would get after say, level 20.  Certainly
it's no worse than Joe Grand's evil SCSIcide, which requires you to become
one with the 2600 to progress past level 0x15.  :)

It would be great if you are able to work in the difficulty switches!

Take care,


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