[stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course

Subject: [stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course
From: John Redant <johnredant01@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 09:16:14 -0800 (PST)
This past month, the idea of creating an Atari 2600
game crept back into my mind....from scratch. Not just
the coding but actually creating the cartridge as
well. Now I got to thinking, what would a complete
beginner need to create his very own Atari 2600
cartridge and thought, "Holy Cow! This would make a
pretty darn good community college course!"

So, I would like to propose a rough draft (or version
1.0) for an Atari 2600 engineering course (no
experience necessary!). This is assuming that teaching
and reading material will be supplied:

Atari Electronics Engineering Course

Material List (Based on Radio Shack prices):

1 - Soldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Desoldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Supply of Solder (Around $2 - $5)
1 - set of Helping Hands (Around $15)
1 - ventilation fan and ventilation tubing
1 - junk walkman
a set of EPROM chips
a set of used Atari cartridges
1 - set of screwdrivers
1 - EPROM burner
1 - 486 DX (or better) computer w/ Soundblaster (or
1 - Atari 2600
1 - (tool used to hook up the soundblaster to the
Atari 2600 cartridge whose name escapes me at the


1 - Fundamentals of soldering - How to make a junk
walkman work again
2 - Basic ATARI - Taking an ATARI ROM image,
downloading it by WAV format onto a newly constructed
ATARI cartridge
3 - Assembly I - Modifying graphics on an ATARI ROM
4 - Assembly II - Understanding and modifying logic on
an ATARI ROM image
5 - ATARI Fundamentals - Understanding basic ATARI
concepts, such as how the ATARI sees the TV
6 - ATARI Honours - Creating an original ATARI 2600
game from scratch

Well, that's my rough draft! So, I'm looking for
people to massacre this, toss it around a bit, add
stuff to it and such...wouldn't this make a neat
community college course?


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