Re: [stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course

Subject: Re: [stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course
From: Aaron Bergstrom <Aaron.Bergstrom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 11:45:42 -0600

I think it would be a good idea. And I would probably take a course like that if it was offered here, but since I'm in Fargo, ND that's a pipe dream. I think you would get more interest if you could offer it as an online course, so people around the country/world could take it. If your college doesn't offer a service, may I suggest the NDSU College of Continuing and Distance Ed. The work with instructors both on and off the NDSU campus.

Otherwise, I think the last two sections of your course seem a bit over-simplified. It would be nice to see some advanced programming tricks between Atari Fundamentals and Atari Honours. Also, I think it would be nice if it covered NTSC, PAL, and Secam as well.

That's my two cents anyway,


John Redant wrote:

This past month, the idea of creating an Atari 2600
game crept back into my mind....from scratch. Not just
the coding but actually creating the cartridge as
well. Now I got to thinking, what would a complete
beginner need to create his very own Atari 2600
cartridge and thought, "Holy Cow! This would make a
pretty darn good community college course!"

So, I would like to propose a rough draft (or version
1.0) for an Atari 2600 engineering course (no
experience necessary!). This is assuming that teaching
and reading material will be supplied:

Atari Electronics Engineering Course

Material List (Based on Radio Shack prices):

1 - Soldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Desoldering Iron (preferably $7 - $10)
1 - Supply of Solder (Around $2 - $5)
1 - set of Helping Hands (Around $15)
1 - ventilation fan and ventilation tubing
1 - junk walkman
a set of EPROM chips
a set of used Atari cartridges
1 - set of screwdrivers
1 - EPROM burner
1 - 486 DX (or better) computer w/ Soundblaster (or
1 - Atari 2600
1 - (tool used to hook up the soundblaster to the
Atari 2600 cartridge whose name escapes me at the


1 - Fundamentals of soldering - How to make a junk
walkman work again
2 - Basic ATARI - Taking an ATARI ROM image,
downloading it by WAV format onto a newly constructed
ATARI cartridge
3 - Assembly I - Modifying graphics on an ATARI ROM
4 - Assembly II - Understanding and modifying logic on
an ATARI ROM image
5 - ATARI Fundamentals - Understanding basic ATARI
concepts, such as how the ATARI sees the TV
6 - ATARI Honours - Creating an original ATARI 2600
game from scratch

Well, that's my rough draft! So, I'm looking for
people to massacre this, toss it around a bit, add
stuff to it and such...wouldn't this make a neat
community college course?


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