Re: [stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course

Subject: Re: [stella] AEENG - Atari Electronics Engineering Course
From: Christopher Tumber <christophertumber@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 14:09:22 -0500
>1 - Fundamentals of soldering - How to make a junk walkman work again

I don't understand the significance of the Walkman - Are you just looking for something to solder on? It seems like diagnosing and repairing a Walkman is a pretty big detour from the point and would be better suited to some other class....

If you want to teach soldering, why not get some unassembled 2600 PCBs (ie: Atari Age) and assemble them (Either solder in an EPROM with the class' programming project or maybe have them put a socket in them for more general use...)

>2 - Basic ATARI - Taking an ATARI ROM image,
>downloading it by WAV format onto a newly constructed
>ATARI cartridge

Uhh... So you're going to build "Cuttle Carts"? That seems pretty... ambitious...???

I really don't think this is what you mean to do... I think you mean to assemble carts, which involves burning ROMs so you'll need an EPROM burner, but that can be shared by the class and would be an awful lot more feasable than expecting everyone to show up with a "Cuttle Cart" (or even a Supercharger...)

IMHO calling it an "Atari Electronics Engineering Course" would a real misnomer. Assembling carts is not a sophisticated job (tedious and time consuming, yes) particularly since all the parts are so readily avaliable "off the shelf". Unless you're actually going to teach people to design/build a "Cuttle Cart" (or some other sophisticated project like reverse engineering the TIA or something) you're actually going to be spending 90% of the course teaching game design and programming. I'm thinking something "Atari 2600 Video Game Production Course" would be a lot more appropriate.


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