Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 20:22:06 +0100
Hello Matthias,

> I've just "rebuilt" an Atari 2600 (PAL) console from scratch.

What do you mean by "from scratch"?
Did you build a board, bought the components and soldered them all together?
Have you designed the board? Or anything new?

> Does anyone know where I can download the PAL
> version of e.g. "Pac-Man" or "Moon Patrol"?

I'm pretty sure that there are sereval PAL roms on AtariAge available for
download.. if it's just for tests, you may even download some of the
NTSC->PAL conversions from the AtariAge 2600 Conversions page... ;)


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