Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes
From: "Matthias Hartl" <maze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 13:19:24 +0100
Hello Fabrizio,

| Did you build a board, bought the components and soldered them all

I disassembled an old defect Atari 2600 PAL console in order to get the
necessary chips. Some of the chips are still available (6507, 6532) but the
TIA is hard to find. I think Best Electronics has some of them in stock.
With these chips and the Atari 2600 PAL schematic I was able to build a new
console. I tried to fix some of the flaws of the original console, like the
rather bad video output. It's working now and gives a very good picture, but
the colors cannot be tested with NTSC cartridges.

| Have you designed the board? Or anything new?

When I'm satisfied with my prototype I'll be drawing a new schematic with
OrCAD SDT and finally I'll make a new PCB. The development system will
consist of the console PCB and RS323 extension PCB with bank-switching
simulation, so you can upload your games directly from your PC. These 2 PCBs
will be build into a 5,25" drive bay.

| I'm pretty sure that there are sereval PAL roms on AtariAge available for
| download..

I haven't found any yet :-(. The rom for Pac-Man (PAL) is the same as
Pac-Man (NTSC). They're linking to the same zip file!

| if it's just for tests, you may even download some of the
| NTSC->PAL conversions from the AtariAge 2600 Conversions page... ;)

Ok, I'll give it a try.


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