Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes
From: "Albert Yarusso - AtariAge" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 11:56:36 -0600
Hi Matthias,

> Honestly, I haven't tested all ROMs of which Atariage claims they are PAL
> versions. In order to determine if my console produces correct colors, I
> needed some games I know very well, like Pac-Man or Moon Patrol. If you'd
> download Pac-Man PAL from Atariage you will get Pac-Man NTSC. The same
> accounts for Defender. Ofcourse, it doesn't matter if you were using an
> emulator but running it on real hardware does make a difference. After
> disappointment, I didn't make the effort to check further rom images from
> Atariage ... Maybe someone at Atariage will be fixing this "bug" in the
> future. The Atari 2600 jr. PAL schematics are faulty too and I've already
> mailed them 2 times without any reaction. This is indeed somehow sad :-((

We don't have the ROMs for most PAL versions of games on AtariAge yet, and
yes, most of the links to PAL games made by Atari are pointing at the
incorrect ROM images.  I did not realize this until it was pointed out in
this thread, and I will remove those links until we can put the proper
binary images online.  We are in possession of a great many foreign carts on
loan to us, and our intent is to dump them all and put them on AtariAge.
However, anyone with PAL ROMs that they can send us would help that issue
along. :)

Paul sent you some links to PAL ROMs, and if you can follow this link:

This will return all PAL games for which we have a ROM download.  Just
ignore the ones from Atari for now.  Also, Wing War is incorrectly linked as

As for the schematics, we did not create them and not being an EE myself, I
wouldnt' know the first thing about fixing them.  In your message to us you
stated that the, "The chip select (CS) signal is active high on the
cartridge connector! That's the reason, why you need to put an additional
hex inverter on your cart pcb in order to work with common E(E)PROMs. And,
the CS2 is active low on the TIA."  If you or someone can send us corrected
PAL schematics I will immediately replace the image(s) on AA.  The link is
here for others who haven't looked at them:

Sorry for not acting on this earlier, but we sometimes get swamped with
email and we already have a large backlog of updates we need  to make to the

Take care,


> With kind regards,
> Matthias Hartl
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