Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes

Subject: Re: [stella] PAL roms for testing purposes
From: "Matthias Hartl" <maze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 22:55:19 +0100
Hello Albert,

| We don't have the ROMs for most PAL versions of games on AtariAge yet, and
| yes, most of the links to PAL games made by Atari are pointing at the
| incorrect ROM images.  I did not realize this until it was pointed out in
| this thread, and I will remove those links until we can put the proper
| binary images online.  We are in possession of a great many foreign carts
| loan to us, and our intent is to dump them all and put them on AtariAge.
| However, anyone with PAL ROMs that they can send us would help that issue
| along. :)

Someone on this mailing list was kind enough to offer a nearly (judging by
file size) complete archive of PAL and NTSC ROM images to me. It would
probably be a very good idea to send this archive to you, so that you can
integrate these new ROMs to your collection and let everyone profit from it.

| As for the schematics, we did not create them and not being an EE myself,
| wouldnt' know the first thing about fixing them.  In your message to us
| stated that the, "The chip select (CS) signal is active high on the
| cartridge connector! That's the reason, why you need to put an additional
| hex inverter on your cart pcb in order to work with common E(E)PROMs. And,
| the CS2 is active low on the TIA."  If you or someone can send us
| PAL schematics I will immediately replace the image(s) on AA.  The link is
| here for others who haven't looked at them:
| Sorry for not acting on this earlier, but we sometimes get swamped with
| email and we already have a large backlog of updates we need  to make to
| site..

Let me say, that I am not upset or angry in any way. I was just very
disappointed, that Atariage seems to completely ignore my bug reports. I
think I waited about 1 or 2 weeks between my 2 eMails and still didn't get
any response. I didn't realize your were "fighting" with so much eMail :-)

Maybe you can contact the creator of these schematics and ask him for the
schematics files - not the pcx of gif files, but the schematics themselves.
I'd say these were drawn with an old version of OrCAD SDT for DOS. If he's
not willing to incoroporate the necessary changes then I will do it for you.
It would yet be very useful to put a note beneath the schematic which points
out the faults. There are certainly more faults in it, I think I've found a
few new ones ...


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