Re: [stella] Reading Paddles?

Subject: Re: [stella] Reading Paddles?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 11 Jan 2003 22:06:31 -0000
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Ruffin Bailey wrote:
> > While we're on the subject of paddles, there was that neat-o controller
> > for some type of 2600 that served as both a joystick and a [single]
> > paddle if you rotated it.
> This was for the Coleco Gemini.  Yes, it's a neat controller.  But it limits
> you to 2 paddle controllers at a time instead of 4.

I had this, rebadged as the Colombia Home Arcade (with a pretty cool
monthly catalog/poster w/ featured game)

Though I think the paddle required use of a you're
not limited to 2 paddle, but you need a little dongle to get any 
paddle action at all.

Still, they were very decent controllers.  My favorites until that 
little Amiga jobby, and then of course my beloved Epyx 500XJ...

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  it's tough to get up a really sincere-sounding round of cheers when 
  I've come up with a plan I think is worth cheering." --Maximus, X-Factor

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