Re: [stella] Collaboration

Subject: Re: [stella] Collaboration
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 23:45:37 +0100
Glenn wrote:
> Maybe if you get bored, as another technical challenge let's see you finish
> the DD kernel to the point where the two cars are movable will 
> single-scanline accuracy (constant velocity is fine for now) and can be on 
> the same scanline and two gremlins offset by even/odd scanlines who move in 
> 2-scanline jumps (like Super Challenge Football does it).  I'm sure it's 
> possible but I don't think I can ever do it, as simple as it may sound to 
> you ;)

I doesn't sound simple (even to me ;-), it only  *might* be just

> I didn't ask you to finish it off because this was the main challenge of 
> writing the game--to get the kernel to work.

I completely understand, and that's why I never wanted to take over this
part. It was *your* idea and the WIP was *your* baby. But now that you
ask, I (or somebody else) will be glad to help you there. I just want to
be quite sure that you are going to continue DD if you get a working (as
described above) kernel.

> Plugging in the gameplay, animations, and sound during VBLANK would be
> easy in comparison and I would never be able to even claim half credit
> if that's all I did.

50:50 would be far more than good enough for me. :-)

You know, writing and optimizing kernels is the most fun part of
programming for the 2600 for me.

> But if you are interested enough in DD, please go ahead and I'll gladly 
> finish the game on the 2600 instead of the Atari8, but I'd really only be 
> able to justify a design credit on it.

Don't worry, you will soon find out that there is still "some"
programming challenge left, even after the kernel is working. :-)

> I'm not _as_ motivated to finish it on the A8 because the game concept is
> so minimal in comparison to what the A8 can do and the idea was to answer 
> the question "what if Atari ported the game in '77 or '78 (if it could fit 
> in 2K) or '79 if 4K?"

I don't think it will fit into 2K, especially because a highly optimized
kernel could require a lot of extra coding outside.

Have fun!
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