Re: [stella] Oh No!! A Windows Troll! :^) [OT]

Subject: Re: [stella] Oh No!! A Windows Troll! :^) [OT]
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 16:30:26 -0500
Wouldn't a VPC or other Windows based emulation on Mac be a little easier?
Macs don't have command prompt so you can't really instruct Z26 on special
mode or special instruction like -g11

[personal crusade] Ack, a Windows Troll on the Stella list. ;^) (jk)

Couple of answers.

On Mac OS 9 or below (Mac "Classic", the OS you're referring to):
1.) Often, as is the case in the OS 9 version of Quake 3, as an example, you can "Option-Click" something open to insert command line instructions if they're needed.
2.) You can "download a command line" from Apple, called the Macintosh Programmers' Workshop. (This is how you can hack up 2600 programs on the Mac. See ye olde Mactari for more: -- nice URL, eh? *sigh*)
3.) It really isn't that difficult for a programmer to hack up a quick dialog (so a *very* simple GUI) that asks you to input what mode or instructions you'd like to use before actually launching the rest of the app, so even if there wasn't any access.

And, of course, if you've purchased or used a new Mac over the last two years or so, it probably had Mac OS X on there somewhere. After this is some output from typing "fink --help" in my terminal window [sic] on OS X. OS X has a variant on FreeBSD at its core, and you've even got X11, etc, if you want to play around with that. (More on the FreeBSD variant, Darwin, here:

So buy a Mac already!  :^)
[/personal crusade]

Ruffin Bailey

============= command line program running on a Mac; WOW! :^) ============
[A_Computer:~/Desktop] aLogin% fink --help
Fink 0.11.0, Copyright (c) 2001,2002 Christoph Pfisterer and others.
This is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Read /sw/share/doc/fink/COPYING for details.

Fink is a package manager that automatically downloads, configures, compiles
and installs packages using the original source code. If you want to install
precompiled binary packages, check out dselect or apt-get instead.

Usage: fink [options] command [package...]
       fink install pkg1 [pkg2 ...]

Common commmands:
  install    - install/update the named packages
  remove     - remove the named packages
  update     - update the named packages
  selfupdate - upgrade fink to the lastest release
  update-all - update all installed packages
  configure  - rerun the configuration process
  list       - list available packages, optionally filtering by name
  apropos    - list packages matching a search keyword
  describe   - display a detailed description of the named packages
  index      - force rebuild of package cache

  -H, -?, --help - display this help text
  -q, --quiet    - causes fink to be less verbose, opposite of --verbose
  -V, --version  - display version information
  -v, --verbose  - causes fink to be more verbose, opposite of --quiet
  -y, --yes      - assume default answer for all interactive questions

See the fink(8) manual page for more commands and options.
Visit for further information.
[A_Computer:~/Desktop] aLogin%

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