[stella] Neat assembler auto-table/label generation...

Subject: [stella] Neat assembler auto-table/label generation...
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 01:28:43 +1100
Here's a neat usage of macros for table/label generation.

Sometimes I need to have a table of vectors to code, so I can load a code
address via an entry number/index and then branch to the code.  I usually
have a table of hand-maintained equates giving the 'NAME' of an entry and
its ordinal number, and I use that name (*2) to access the table entry.  And
the table entries have to be in the same order as the numeric order of the

TOKEN_JUMP        equ 0
TOKEN_LOCK        equ 1
TOKEN_MOVE        equ 2
TOKEN_UNLOCK      equ 3
TOKEN_DONE        equ 4
TOKEN_FLIP        equ 5

        .word AnimateJUMP
        .word AnimateLOCK
        .word AnimateMOVE
        .word AnimateUNLOCK
        .word AnimateDONE
        .word AnimateFLIP

    ; code here

    ; code here


Here's a much better way...

    ; Automatically define tokens and a vector table to token-processing
    ; This is fairly neat, as the ordering of the entries in the table
    ; the appropriate equates to access the table correctly!

TOK         SET 0
            MAC TOKEN
TOKEN_{1}   equ TOK
TOK         SET TOK + 1
            .word Animate{1}

            TOKEN JUMP
            TOKEN LOCK
            TOKEN MOVE
            TOKEN UNLOCK
            TOKEN DONE
            TOKEN FLIP

The big *advantage* of doing it with the macro like this is that you never
need worry about the values of tokens, or adding/removing or reordering
entries in the vector table.  If you add a new entry to the AnimVec, a new
token is generated, with a new value, and all will continue working

There are a couple of gotchas - the entries in the table must be unique.
The labels of the code vectored TO should be of consistent format.  That is
easy to get around, if you want to have two parameters for the macro - one
the label, one the token name.

Anyway, thought I'd pass this on.  I find it quite elegant.


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