Re: [stella] Combat AI - Omega

Subject: Re: [stella] Combat AI - Omega
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 7 Feb 2003 15:11:21 -0000
Heh. I loved the idea of Omega, but here's my story:
I had no luck in the begining levels 'til I picked the 
strategy of just sitting in place and letting the computer
come to me...much more effecient to just sit and sweep my
radar than to waste cycles moving around.  So this let me 
zoom through many levels, but when it finally plateu'd, I
had no where to go, having missed out on all the experience
of actually making a smart tank.  Kind of an evolutionary
(I think an Omega like game should have secondary items,
like powerups, rather than just being a slugfest on varied 

Getting back to the original question, I'm not sure
if Omega would help that much, since it was so tiled 

For the original posters, what you're doing is way cool,
and I hope it goes great, and you release the results.
Obviously it's a lot to chew.  I hate to say it but you'd
probably have an easier time making a simulated version
of combat rather than doing it native.  But, if you decide
to carry forth (and I hope you do!) you might want to at
least trying to hack the Combat ROM so it only playes the 
game your AI knows.  That might save you ROM and RAM.
Just a thought.

 In short, assume that any time it appears that evolution is working in 
  reverse, it is probably an illusion. --Allen Barra (on MLB pitchers, more..)

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