Re: [stella] Combat AI

Subject: Re: [stella] Combat AI
From: Zach Matley <matleyz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 11:47:25 -0800 (PST)
Thanks for all your quick responses. It's been a pleasure receiving a warm
welcome from all of you.

Here are my initial replies to some of your statements.

>Chris Wilkson:
>The real trick will be fitting the AI in RAM.

I couldn't agree more. One thing I plan to do is study how each variable
is used and hopefully find some that can serve multiple purposes. If we
get desperate for more RAM (and I'd really prefer not to do this), we
might make a Supercharger game.

>Andrew Davie:
>You can do an awful lot of intelligent-seeming things with simple

I've studied state machines so much that "STD" doesn't remind me of
chlamydia anymore. :) Even so, I've never attempted making one in assembly
language. I look forward to reading your "Fu Kung" code.

>Clay Halliwell:
>Good thing the Combat mazes are all wide-open spaces and no
>cul-de-sacs. That should simplify things considerably.

Would be a good thing, but our professor was not impressed by the current
mazes. He wants us to make the tank smart enough to navigate any maze. We
will make a tool that allows the user to design a maze (at compile time,
not run time.)

>Christopher Tumber:
>Omega is a programming game (CoreWar would probably be the most widely
>known example of the genre) where you ... design and program an AI tank.

I've never heard of Omega, but it sounds interesting. We will definitely
check it out.

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