Re[2]: [stella] z26 for Windows

Subject: Re[2]: [stella] z26 for Windows
From: Ron Corcoran <mratari@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 18:51:37 -0700
I played Night Stalker under Win2k/SP3 and WinXP/SP1 and it worked great.  The only
thing  I  noticed  was  the  sound.   I  couldn't hear the background noises you
typically hear (using z-26, PCAEWin & CyberStella) under WinME.

Ron Corcoran
Twin Galaxies Administrator & Chief Editor
Twin Galaxies Atari, Astrocade, Commodore, Intellivision, Odyssey2 & Vectrex Worldwide Referee

 > On Saturday, February 8, 2003, 3:40:08 PM, you wrote:  
JS> Albert Yarusso wrote:

>> Great to see progress being made towards a Windows version of z26.
JS> However,
>> I really think it needs a front-end of some kind, especially after I tried
>> running some > 4K titles without passing in any command-line parameters.
>> The first one I tried (Mr. Roboto, an F8 8K game--I wanted to hear how the
>> music sounded) caused a ton of DirectX errors to come up (in an infinite
>> loop, I had to nuke it). Does z26 have an internal table with md5
JS> checksums
>> for binaries to determine how to run a particular game?

JS> Humble makes pure.  ;-)  All I can say is that roboto.bin works great for
JS> me, both on Win98 and XP.  Cool music.  It's hard to know what could be
JS> wrong without more information.

JS> We do have a CRC routine to recoginze games, but roboto doesn't need it.

JS> Thanks,

JS> John

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