Re: [stella] Samantha Fox

Subject: Re: [stella] Samantha Fox
From: "Andrew Davie" <atari2600@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 09:24:04 +1100
That demo uses a crazy idea I had, where there are just two colours -
playfield total black, and sprites total white.  Depending on how long a
pixel is on, that gives its percieved shade of grey.  I cycle through 5
I decomposed Sam into 5 partial frames, and display them consecutively.  If
you look closely, you see that white is, in fact, not flickering at all.
And darkest grey is flickering the mostest.  I'm sure it would flicker a LOT
less if I used a lesser contrast between the black and the white.  That is,
use a couple of close-intensities, and you'd get a nice spread between
them - using this system.
Anyway, it was just an interesting idea, and worked out pretty good, I
Next thing I'll play with - sometime - is actually changing the colours on
the fly, too (between frames) so that blending pixels gives a selectable
colour.  But that would be more tricky to work out the colours/palette -
this sounds like the ideal job for a UTILITY!

PS: In answer to the question - NO, this demo is not using PF.

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Subject: Re: [stella] Samantha Fox

> >Here's a first-attempt at a '5-colour' bitmap.  Samantha Fox, as
> >OK, it's crap on the emulators.  I suspect it will be somewhat better on
> >real TV.
> >Lookin for comments from a cuttle-cart owner.  Does this work well enough
> >consider using?
> It's pretty weird seeing graphics like that on the VCS!  It's better on a
> VCS but I think the flicker is a bit much.  I dunno -- it still looks
> awesome but the flashing is just crazy.  And I think the brightest white
> a bit too bright.  I assume that's at 20Hz.
> I wonder if it would work to try to do 4 shades using 30Hz?
>   Brightness     Black    DarkGrey   LightGrey   Whitest
> Frame 1 White     0          0          1          1
> Frame 2 Grey      0          1          0          1
> Are you using the playfield on that demo?  Seems like you might actually
> able to get 5 virtual shades at 30Hz if you integrated the playfield by
> hand.  Like put a dark gray playfield behind the parts that don't have any
> black?
> About the reverse baby:
> IMO the flicker is a LOT better on the VCS with this coloring, but the
> graphics don't look very good since the shading makes more sense the other
> -Paul
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