[stella] DASM with illegal opcode support/TextPad

Subject: [stella] DASM with illegal opcode support/TextPad
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 02:30:40 -0800
Could someone put this up for download permanently somehwere? Maybe at Nick Bensema's site or the Dig or something?

The attachment from Thomas' old message appears to have been deleted and I can't track down a copy anywhere via search engines so I'm assuming it's not readily available at the moment.

In the meantime, not being able to version up Thomas' code, I did manage to get TextPad to assemble, makewav, and play an audio file to the VCS via a batch file.

Using the batch-file-via-hotkey approach is going to be a lot faster than using PlayBin because I won't have to leave the editor at all anymore. (I was task-switching to PlayBin and browsing all the time, very slow).

The textpad command line string:

SendToVCS.bat $File $BaseName $FileDir

Here is the batch file I'm using (assumes a standard directory structure where the BINs and WAVs are in separate subdirectories).

REM SendToVCS.bat
dasm %1 -v3 -f3 -oBinaries\%2.bin
makewav -f4 -b4K -d3 -oWAVs\%2.wav Binaries\%2.bin
cd %3\Wavs
playwav %2.wav
erase %2.wav

I found the command line capabilities of things like WinAmp and Windows Media Player sorely lacking so I found this program called playwav:


It's ideal because since it's a command line program it is small and it just loads up instantly, plays the audio file, and exits.

Anyone else doing something similar?

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