[stella] TIA Hardware Notes

Subject: [stella] TIA Hardware Notes
From: Andrew Towers <mariofrog@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 02:37:14 +1100
Back in mid-2002 when I first picked up the 2600 hobby
(my life has never been the same since!) I spent a couple
of weeks buried in the TIA-1A schematics mentioned in
the archives; I wanted to understand just what makes it
all work the way it does.

At the time I scribbled heaps of notes all over loose
sheets of paper, I still have a pile of them here
somewhere :p I also started writing some of this info
into a document, which has now reached a point where
it might be useful to someone. I'm not sure that any
of this isn't already common knowledge - z26 seems
extremely accurate!

Anyway here it is. It's fairly technical in parts and
discusses some things down at the gate level, but most of
it is readable by normal humans (none of us, then ;)
It's still a bit rough but I'll keep working on it if
people are interested.

Please note that I have no formal background in NMOS chip
construction, but I have some electronics background.
There could well be some silly mistakes in this document.

If anyone needs a non-zipped version I can email it
directly; it's about 46K.

- M.

"Whatever you do, don't mention the war!"

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