Re: [stella] Banker front-end?

Subject: Re: [stella] Banker front-end?
From: Adam Thornton <adam@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 09:01:20 -0600
On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 11:39:33PM +1100, Andrew Davie wrote:
> I would suggest allowing selection of a subsection of any image they load,
> adjustment of the contrast and brightness, resizing of that section to 48 x
> 128 (OR 96 x 128, as they may be wanting to produce a bitmap-like 2-sprite
> display) and passing that image thru Banker with appropriate parameters.
> You could even have an iterative system setup where it runs the binary
> produced through the 'make your own' item I posted to AtariAge and they
> could keep refining the parameters (brightness/contrast/selected area) until
> it was to their satisfaction.
> Go for it.  Bet you can't do it in a week :)

I have the feeling you're right.

I managed to get some appropriately-sized images, split them into color
channels, dither the channels down to monochrome (yes, ImageMagick *is*
great!), and then run each of those through Banker.

Unfortunately, I'm, at worst, plagued by illegal instructions, and at
best stuck with an image that bears no obvious relation to what I
wanted (depending on how I manipulate the offsets in the frame table).

The Chronocolor source claims that "Each line is a single sprite, 128
butes deep"...

When I run banker over *my* images, I get something like: 

; TEXT_RED00.asm
; Created by Banker v0.01

; Sprite set.  Each line is a single sprite, 16 bytes deep, defined bottom-up

; This bank contains 1 frames, consisting of 24 sprites.

This seems like a lot of sprites, and it's worrying that they're 16
bytes deep.  I think perhaps I don't really understand what banker is
doing to produce the sprite table from the image you feed it.  Would you
make the banker source public? 

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