Re: [stella] DASM 'upgrade' in progress

Subject: Re: [stella] DASM 'upgrade' in progress
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 12:59:34 +0100
Andrew wrote:
> > I'd even go so far to hardwire vcs.h into DASM. One major problem solved,
> once and for all. :-)
> DASM isn't, and never will be, an "Atari 2600" assembler.  It's
> multi-platform, and really *has* to stay that way.  Adding things to support
> '2600 programming is one thing, but hardwiring the assembler to the machine
> is another altogether.  It ain't gonna happen.

I completely agree here. And macros are much more flexible, with hardwiring 
every used minor change or feature requires distributing the whole assembler! 

I have programmed a bit with "CISC languages" that where not extensible,
and I *really* hated that. I like to be able to write my own extensions or modify 
existing ones when I need them, and a more powerful macro language in DASM 
would help there a lot.

> There's no reason, though, why we can't have a "DASM Atari 2600 macro
> package.h" include file, which is maintained as a sub-part of the DASM
> release.  And even an official "DASM VCS.h" file, too.  Companion files, not
> hardwired.

Yup, and maybe we finally can manage to create a standard TIA constants 
file as well then.


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