Re: [stella] DASM 'upgrade' in progress

Subject: Re: [stella] DASM 'upgrade' in progress
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:44:02 +0100
Andrew wrote:
> I've now included a
> 'standard' VCS.H file as an additional download.  I will be
> updating/maintaining this file as well, with a view to it becoming *THE*
> standard.  So please, have a look at the file that's there already, and post
> your comments/suggestions to the list.

Any reasons, why the TIA constants start at offset $40?

AFAIK in all disassembled old games the registers start at $00.

Or is it just to make disassembling with DiStella a bit more compliated?

Manuel wrote:
> One suggestion: Maybe for the start Thomas could send you all his commonly 
usable DASM Macros as a macro.h, you'd work in what you have so far and then 
you could maintan the [Stella] common "macros.h" as well. that would be great.

Well, except for the useful SLEEP macro (which probably should be renamed into
WAIT or DELAY) and some very minor stuff (e.g. illegal opcodes) I don't have 
useful general macros. 

Mainly only because the current macro support is too limited.

Anyway, I'll post Andrew the latest versions (with some additional comments ;-) of 
all my macros and he can decide wether to use them or not.


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