Re: [stella] PhillyClassic

Subject: Re: [stella] PhillyClassic
From: "Michael Dehls" <TxdoHawk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 11:15:36 -0500
I had a great time overall, but I think there were a few sore points.  A lot
of people seemed grumbly about the fact that those running the show didn't
stick to the standard pick a ticket method for the prizes.  Me personally, I
thought the "ESP" antics (long story) for prize selection were pretty
amusing, but I think that kind of stuff should be reserved for the smaller
prizes next year.

The other thing was that Sunday seemed to drag on a little too long.
Everybody in my group was about ready to go shortly after the auction, but
we waited around for the GBA SP giveaway, of course.  I think it was good
that they ran the giveaway at 4 instead of the printed 4:30, but they may
even want to consider 3:30 or 3:45 next year, since stuff was staring to be
packed around that time anyway.

Finally (this is an observation and not a gripe), I found it fascinating
that despite the con's recent rise in popularity and "acceptance" of modern
video games, Philly Classic was suprisingly sparse when it came to
current-gen gaming sales amongst the vendors.  I recall seeing only one
clump of PS2 games, and one or two titles interspersed between vendors,
while my friend Andrey claimed that the only GameCube title he saw was a
copy of Metroid Prime.  Again, I'm not saying this is good or bad, I just
find it interesting.

However, the lame gripes I stated are minor quibbles in comparison to the
fantastic time I had.  I hope everybody who went had a great time as well,
and everyone who wanted to go but couldn't gets a chance next year.

Oh, and also, I made it a point to try all the playable homebrews this year.
I must say, I saw some fantastic ideas.  Keep up the great work!

- Mike D

> Hello,
> Did anyone in the group make it out to the Philly classic? I have been
> with the flu since last Tuesday and I didn't make it. Any just wondering
> someone could give some commentary on what I missed.
> Thanks
> Matt

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