Re: [stella] Boulderdash - musings and screen demos

Subject: Re: [stella] Boulderdash - musings and screen demos
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 06:51:51 -0500
On Wednesday 02 April 2003 08:18, Andrew Davie wrote:
> In particular, it occured to me that Interleaved ChronoColour (TM) screens
> might be usable for this game - and I started playing around with some
> samples to see what it would look like.

Owwww... hurts my eyeeeess...  :)  Not to worry; I'm using Stella on Linux, so 
it's probably not very forgiving about flicker, which ChronoColour relies 
upon.  That's fine.  It's an impressive attempt at any rate and reminded me 
of fond memories of Antic 4 mode on the Atari 8-bits.  (You'd have eight bits 
for one character reduced to four since you needed two bits to represent a 
color; therefore your figures are somewhat blocky.)

Even once you get the playfield side taken care of, I wonder if the sheer 
number of potential objects will overwhelm the RAM.  Consider that besides 
space, dirt, boulders, and diamonds, there are all those butterflies and 
fireflies, plus the ameoba that grows and grows.  You could end up with a 
couple hundred (!) of any object besides the dirt, particularly if you get a 
64x64 playfield like you were thinking about.

Have you considered using the SuperCharger for this project?  That would give 
you quite a bit of RAM to play with, though then you'd have the inconvenience 
of having to make it multi-load to store all the levels.  (Actually, maybe 
the initial level layouts could be stored in a compressed manner, but that 
would be a pain during development.)

Anyhow, I'm glad to see you even just playing around with this concept.  
Boulderdash was one of my favorite 8-bit era games!

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