Re: [stella] Star Fire Release Candidate #03

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire Release Candidate #03
From: Happy_Dude <happy_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 02:05:30 +1000
I'm still skipping wave 2  :-\
I'm using Z26 v2.08
Appart from that, this just keeps getting better.

Put me down for a pre-order :)

Manuel Polik wrote:

Hi there!

Another couple of changes, mostly suggested by Thomas.

- The special target ships can now take several hits.
- The shield and the radar go black in explosions.
- SELECT now selects :-)
- The selected wave is remembered in case of RESET.
- The colors in the score screen are a little brighter.
- Explosion colors vary a little
- Decreased the # of objects in my sprite engine to 9.
- Fixed some minor bugs no one even noticed ;-)
- Adjusted the scoring a little.


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