Re: [stella] Star Fire Release Candidate #03

Subject: Re: [stella] Star Fire Release Candidate #03
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 22:26:13 +0200
Hi there!

Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

>> - SELECT now selects :-)
> Yes, but it doesn't respond as smooth as the joystick.


>> - Explosion colors vary a little
> Nice! Except for the purple color... :-)
> ("classic" explosions have to be yellow, orange and 
> red ;-)

So, what are the Hexvalues for good yellow and orange 
colors again? (While you're at it, don't forget the PAL 
ones... ;-))

Na, Ok. No more purple. But now the explosions don't 
differ as much from each other as before :)

>> - Decreased the # of objects in my sprite engine to 
> I go the impression that this version is *much* easier 
> than the ones before. This one I can play from wave 9 
> on without problems and the enemy shots are much 
> slower than before.

Fixed. (that was a bug. Really. In the new SELECT code.)

Dennis Debro wrote:

> I still haven't played it on my CC yet (I'm tussling 
> with Climber at the moment). But I've played it on 
> Z26.


> What's the scoring system?

It's like this:

Star Destroyer: 40
Death Star:	50
Tardis:		60
Slave I:		80
Enemy shot:  	01
Diamond:		10
Warp Gate:		90
Tie Wave%4==1	10
Tie Wave%4==2	15
Tie Wave%4==3	20
Tie Wave%4==4	25

> Also, I noticed the enemies don't fire anymore when 
> the "warp zone" appears. Is this a feature ;)

It is in fact programmed like that. Once the exit is 
open, nothing is spawned anymore. You can choose between 
finishing them Ties off for some more points or leave 

> I also saw something strange in the radar screen when 
> the warp zone appeared. The warp zone is in the radar 
> screen but there is another mystery object under it. 
> When the warp zone is in full view it disappears. I'm 
> attaching a screen shot.

Thanks. But I'm not gonna fix this. I like the idea of 
the radar being *imperfect* 
If you look closely, there's always a kind of wuzzines 
and distortions in it. It just becomes more obvious, 
when there's just one object left.

> I also notice the warp zone sort of shifts a little to 
> the right when it gets in the upper part of the 
> screen.

Fixed. (In case you meant the *other* "right" ;-) #1)

> And sometimes when I hit the XYPE ship (as I like to 
> call it) another reappears in the same position. I 
> don't mind because it's more points for me but I 
> thought I'd point it out.

Hm... in theory impossible. When spawning a mothership 
of any kind, it is always forced to coordinates outside 
the visual screen. Are you really sure? Can you try to 
describe more precisesly what is happening?

> Now I just need to be disciplined enough to avoid 
> playing your game and continuing on Climber :)

Excellent! Uhm... I mean... sort of...

Ok, bugfix of RC3 attached.


#1: No clue if the traditional German way of making fun 
of someone who accidently swapped left and right works 
in English that well ;-)

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