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Subject: Aw: Aw: Re: [stella] Fwd: Star Fire Release Candidate #04
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 10:38:18 +0200 (CEST)
Hi there!

Thomas wrote:
> Manuel wrote:
> > Uhm... *confused* don't you say a few lines downwards that you don't get
> > to see them anymore?
> Sorry, I confused the names. I meant the normal ships (how to you call
> them?).
> They also seem to move different now.

Hm... next try to get that straight. Just let us use use their Star Wars names. The normal attacking waves are either "Tie Fighters" |-| (Wave 1-2) or "Tie Advance" fighters <o> (Wave 3-4) and the specials or motherships are "Star Destroyers", the "Death Star", the "Tardis" and "Slave I" - in that order (Wave 1-4 only one type per wave), then repeating.

Now, which ones aren't spawned anymore? (BTW: Slave I (Wave 4) is sort of camouflaged, starting dark gray on black.)

>> Sounds fine. You can already switch any time right now and I think I might
>> have enough room for a second score table. (I feel a general divide by 2 won't
>> work that easy with BCD scores...)
> Dividing by two may be a little to much. I would *guess* something around
> 2/3 is quite fair, but this has to be veryfied by testing of course.

> > See above. The spawning distribution is totally random, so maybe you just
> > hit a heavy diamond phase? If you have 2-3 diamonds in a row and never shoot
> > them, you never get to see a special ship.
> Hm, I played al least three games up to wave 5 or more. No special ship at
> all.
> How do you initialize the random number generator? Are you using a fixed
> value or are you using INTIM (like Berzerk)?

It's self-inititalizing like in "If seed == 0 then seed = FF". So I think "fixed" is the right answer. But a new random number is generated sooooo often (at least once per frame, that the player shouldn't notice that.

> > Not really a bug. But I can try to alter this, if you want to? ;-)
> Hm, there is no logical reason why they should stop shooting. Except they
> are 
> drones that are guided by a mothership (like the Thargons in Elite), but
> then 
> we would need that mothership. ;-)

> IMHO for the gameplay shooting is better, maybe even more aggressive to
> force the player to the exit.


> > I can only say that on my TV the PAL colors match almost exactly with the
> > NTSC ones.

> Z26 has been reported to have wrong PAL colors. If it looks ok on your TV,
> then it should be ok. :-)

Maybe rasty can double check the colors, at the moment it's just optimised for my own TV.
And I fear Eckhard will only get the colors like in the old Z26. ;-)


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