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Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 13:09:23 -0700
Thanks. Tried to log into but action canceled. I'll try

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Hi David and welcome,

> I'm using dasm v2.12

I'd recommend using the latest version. You can get it from

> and I'm having trouble
> figuring out how to enter the command line 
> dasm source.s -f3 -osource.bin
> I'm a little confused. Thanks.

I don't know what you mean but I hope this helps. Also, I'm going to
assume you know nothing so I hope I don't affend you with my answers.

DASM is a DOS program that must be run from DOS or a DOS shell from
Windows. I, like others, have configured my text editing program to call
the commands.

The command line break down
 o this is the program you're running to assemble your program. If your
source is not in the same directory as the dasm program you will have to
set up DOS (using the autoexec.bat I's been a while) where it
can see this program by using PATH=<the path for DASM>

 o This is the source file you're trying to assemble. The name can be
anything you wish.

 o This a parameter for DASM that will tell it how to output your
program. Option 3 tells DASM to output nothing but data (no header

 o This tells DASM that the next characters will be the name of the
output file when it's done assembling.

 o This is the name of the output file once DASM is done assembling it.
Generally it's the source name with the .bin extention. you can use
anything you like. For 2600 binaries we generally use xxx.bin for the

I hope this helped.

Take care,

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