Re: [stella] DASM - Version 2.20.07 released (MAC)

Subject: Re: [stella] DASM - Version 2.20.07 released (MAC)
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufbo1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 13:37:36 -0400
Of course DASM can be included in the Mactari download - but I do think this
is counterproductive. The latest version is available from the DASM
homepage at - and unless you plan to always update
the Mactari tools whenever there's a new DASM, you're going to cause
problems with versions being out of synch.

That's not a problem. Look, to use DAsm on the Mac [Classic], you've got to go download another tool and a [new] Mac Classic-dasm user needs more info anyhow. You'd want to include a link to the Mactari Tools page in the readme for the Mac and you should at least include instructions on how to grab MPW if you don't.

Furthermore, distributing different versions of DAsm is already happening. I don't see how taking DAsm *off* the site with Distella and Makewav (and, again, instructions for using MPW) for Mac Classic really helps anyone. And that said, I don't think I've missed a DAsm update for the Mac yet. (har har -- this is the first since the one that's up on the site now, afaik)

And what's the worst that can happen? There are still infinite games to be made for the Atari with the original DAsm, I believe. As long as Readme's are set up right, everybody's good, I think. And once they check around, they'll find the DAsm site eventually and grab an update.

So at the least, we should update Readme's to point to each other -- or, if for some reason you're against that, yours should at least point to or, at the absolute least, mention MPW. We don't want the one extra Mac hacker a year to get confused, do we? :^)

Thanks for your work on DAsm, and hopefully we can get the Mac up to date quickly.

Any reason the spaces between flags have been taken out (making the old Commando "break")?

Ruffin Bailey

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