Re: [stella] 2600 Sound, that time of year..

Subject: Re: [stella] 2600 Sound, that time of year..
From: Paul Slocum <paul-stella@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 02:41:05 -0500

What I'm curious about is if this sounds okay on a real 2600, and if
possible can someone record the output off a real 2600 and send me an mp3
(or something) of it so I can see how well this actually works in the real

I think it sounds pretty good on Z26, but it sounds really good on a real Atari. Actually has less nasty high frequency noise than Pitfall 2 IMO:

It's a stand alone windows command line app, plays abck through DirectSound,
and also streams to a file.. Is anybody interested in this ? And does
anybody (the sound hard-core brigade I suspect) fancy giving it a go ? Or do
I suspect I'm the only one who wanted something like this ?

I really only use sound off the real thing. I'm a purist. ;o)

The really hard part was to process the sequence events, notes etc without
exceeding the remaining time of the two line kernel aim.. So I end of with
everything being broken up into lots of little states, one of which gets
processed during the sequencer processing time.. Each event state is written
to not consume more than 40cycles..

Seems like that's going to seriously limit what you can do as far as a game, but I'm interested to see.


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