Re: [stella] 2600 Sound, that time of year..

Subject: Re: [stella] 2600 Sound, that time of year..
From: "Andy Mucho" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 09:30:23 +0100
Paul Slocum wrotr:
> I think it sounds pretty good on Z26, but it sounds really good on a real
> Atari.  Actually has less nasty high frequency noise than Pitfall 2 IMO:

That's weird it sounds truly dire on z26 here, and it plays a different
speed.. Your 2600 recording is exactly the same speed as my sound emu, but
z26 here plays much faster.. I've tried all sorts of parameters, sound
buffer sizes, different refresh modes, but even full screen @60 hz and
default sound buffer sizes it sounds terrible..

But in my sound emulator it sounds as I would expect it to sound on the real
thing, which is pretty much exactly what you recorded there.. Excellent,
mwahaha :)

I like pitfall2 sounds.. I think it sounds great in a cute sort of way ;)

> >I suspect I'm the only one who wanted something like this ?
> I really only use sound off the real thing.  I'm a purist. ;o)

I kind of meant it for people who wanted to program this kind of sound
stuff, but maybe found the emulators just didn't work well enough in this

> >The really hard part was to process the sequence events, notes etc
> >exceeding the remaining time of the two line kernel aim.. So I end of
> >everything being broken up into lots of little states, one of which gets
> >processed during the sequencer processing time.. Each event state is
> written
> >to not consume more than 40cycles..
> Seems like that's going to seriously limit what you can do as far as a
> game, but I'm interested to see.

It's doable, during the visibile area there's almost every other scan line
free, okay maybe not great for in game useage, but I reckon uiseable for
title screens, and other graphically quiter parts of the game.. You
basically lose *all* the time frmo the bottom of the screen to the end of
the frame in the combined synthesis and sequencer processing, but the top
border is free, as qabout 40% of the CPU in the visible frame, though
various optimisations (none at the expense of the basic sound) are pulling
this down on a daily basis..

We shall see.. Now I know that it sounds exactly like my emu on a real 2600,
I can hack on to my goal safe that I'm not wasting my time..

Thanks a lot Paul for recording that, it's helped enourmously in being able
to know I'm not barking up the wrong tree..


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