[stella] SoundSim code..

Subject: [stella] SoundSim code..
From: "Andy Mucho" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 10:54:49 +0100
Here as promised is the 2600 sound sim I wrote..

It's only a quick hack together, so there's probably tons of bugs, but it
served (and still serves) its purpose for me.. I'll spend some more time on
it to add debugging assists to it, but for now all it does is play through
directsound and/or stream to disk.. No proper TIA sound support..

Only supports 4K roms, so no bank switching..
No Timer supoprt, so only stuff that manually times itself will work,
probably only my code then ;)

There's the source in SoundSim.rar and a release mode Windows .exe in
SoundSim.rar.. It's fairly windows specific and includes a VC6 project..

Hope someone finds it useful..

A typical command line would be something like..

SoundSim.exe -R rom.bin -O output.wav -M -WAV -V 1.0

which will sample at the default rate of CPUSpeed/4 so 4 times per scanline,
which results in a sample rate of 62880Hz which is playable on most sound
cards these days..

You can use the -SR option for any other sample rates, though

I did originally have DC correction and lowpass filtering, but the sheer
brute'ish'ness of the 2600s square wave outputs wreaked havoc, and left huge
overloads which sounded pants when using both channels in a mono output.. I
shall re-implement it, because the huge DC offsets generated by the 2600
sample style playback are not pretty if you've got other sound playing while
this is running.. Tends to distort all other simultaneous output from the
soundcard, if you're sound card relies upon the windows kernel mixer..

There's a full(ish) command line help on -?

3 more things I'll add sometime:
 Ron Fries TIASound
 TIMxT support
 Some debugging stuff, breakpoints, single step, symbols, memory, register
view etc
 DebugOutputWindow for debug strings (ie: some unused opcode with 16 pointer
to a string dumps the string to the window)

and then I'll have everything I need for sound programming on the 2600 :)

Hope someone finds it useful, like I'd love the ability to record real
emulators sound output to a .wav file while running ;) nudge nudge :)


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