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From: "Andy Mucho" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 12:34:42 +0100
Sorry for spamming the list like a right little spam-monkey, but..

Here's something a little more musical..

Perhaps I should call it MontySound.bin instead ;)

It still doesn't generate a nice frame, it makes no attempt to at the moment
because it makes developing this such a pain..

But give it a go on the real thing, or using my SoundSim contraption.. Sorry
emulator users, but as soon as I fix down the processing requirements, I'll
have a nice frame friendly version done..

This ones got the arpeggios and envelopes implemented.. I thought I could
get away for speed and space by not doing decay, but it loses any extra
note-on ooomph by not having the little surge from the sustainback to attack
if no release has been, so the bass doesn't really stand out..

The lead lines totally wrong, in fact non-existant apart from the
transposition (which is also wrong :) ), but that hubbard line fired my
programmers mind :) I think I've got it, but I need to redo the note length
lookup system into proper musical times, not just programmer tests so I have
proper 8ths 16ths etc, not just a dodgy test number of frames.. The actual
note lengths specified in the music data are correct, but the way they
convert them into frame times to wait are, erm , borked :(

The lead line has a bit of pulse width modulation going on, just a bit, but
that was hard-coded, since I haven't added hooked up the pulse width mod
parameters to the patches yet..

Sorry it doesn't loop, but I just haven't added the Repeat/EndRepeat Restart
commands to the sequencer yet..

Sounds like I'm making loads of excuses, but there's so much to program to
finish this..

I think the result justifies the endless twaddle :)


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