Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?

Subject: Re: [stella] Is DASM website down?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 17 Sep 2003 02:59:27 -0000
(Hey, check out my new title screen: - a huge improvement
I think. I don't know why I kind of forgot that PF graphics need
to have wide pixels, not neccesarily tall long as you 
have the ROM to spare...and for this I split the difference and 
went to 2 scanlines per "big pixel", doing 1 scanline wasn't 
worth using twice the ROM. Anyway, the new title looks much
more professional I think, I guess everyone was too polite to 
mention my old one looked like crap :-)

> Anyway... Im grateful this matter brought to life again the discussion 
> about mirrors... I agree with Kirk that mirroring huge contents like 
> [stella] or AtariAge is not viable, not matter how important they are. But 
> small yet crucial things like DASM could (and should) have not only a 
> permanent mirror site but also local copies of the file itself 
> should be kept in all reference/tutorial/forum/etc websites. Afterall, if 
> Z26 shuts down, we can always look for another (as great as) emulator. But, 
> as far as i know, no DASM = no homebrews

DASM's not going anywhere.  Even if the home site went away, some people 
would put up the latest zip.  Still, centralization is good in this case...
we shouldn't encourage mirrors other than for backup, because we don't
want a whole lot of obsolete versions floating around.

> PS2: Kirk and Andrew... you RULE! (yeah, i know, you may be tired of 
> hearing this from each and every newbie that reads your great tutorials... 
> but hey, its my turn and I had to say it! :) 

Heh, thanks.  I hope my tutorial will continue to be a useful 
"quickstart" complement to Andrew's more comprehensive and thoughtful
Every man is working out his own way [to ordination] and nobody can be 
of help except by being kind, generous, and patient. --Henry Miller

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