[stella] Poorlords Alpha

Subject: [stella] Poorlords Alpha
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 22 Sep 2003 02:28:12 -0000
Hey there...
It's still glitchy, but I got an early alpha of the "Poorlords"
variation of JoustPong going.  

http://alienbill.com/joustpong/ as always is the place,
http://alienbill.com/joustpong/20030921.bin binary,
http://alienbill.com/joustpong/20030921.source.txt source.

(The glitchiness is some timing screwup making the playfield
not quite right...also, sometimes the left guy's goals don't 
register. Very annoying.)

But what do y'all think of the play?

It seems like it might take a while, especially once I put the 
"build feature" back in.

Though actually, should it be every time you hit their wall, you 
steal a brick, (and then maybe first goal wins) or every time 
you get a point, you get a brick you can place, first to ten 

Let me know what you think!


KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
"I want to do to you what the spring does to cherry trees."
"I want to do to *you* what you do to chinese food." --tufts.general

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