Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?

Subject: Re: [stella] Bounce: what next?
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 13:10:30 -0700
> So I've started working on a level editor for "Bounce!", and I'm facing
> possibility, like it has already been briefly discussed here, of having
> kind of level creation contest and include a lot of user-submitted levels
> the final game. This is where things could get hard: if I do the contest,
> should I get lucky and people will actually like creating levels, I could
> end up with quite some levels to test! Not only test, but also rank by
> difficulty and eventually judge for some prize (how to judge remains to be
> defined as well!!)..

If the tool is intuitive... I'm sure you will have a great deal of
submissions.  I would definetly participate.

> Also, if the levels in the final version will really be a lot (a 32k cart
> could contain hundreds), I'm not even sure that it will still make sense
> having the player go throu them all in order to complete the game.. but I
> don't really know how to do otherwise!

Maybe an astroblast approach would work here.  Levels are rated in
difficulty, as the game progresses the levels get harder... Each time you
fail a level you are taken to a new... less difficult level...


A set number of levels to complete the game, each level is loaded ramdomly,
thus giving the game replay value, as the levels played each time through,
are hardly ever the same.


VCS games are not well known for actually having an "ending" the goal for
most is to play as long as you can an accumulate score.  Incorporate score
into bounce, then having an ending after 100 levels isn't so bad.

> To sum it up, I could do the contest and accept all the levels (with all
> the above troubles), accept a limited number (will still be hard to
> or just kill the idea of the contest (the levels would be around 30 in
> case, likely created by me?). In the last option, I could still release
> editor and let everyone change levels to create their very own version of
> "Bounce!" :)

This would be a super cool idea, however it's not much consolation to people
who purchase the cart.  But customizing the ROM version of the game has tons
of potential for my Flash Cart :-)...  So I end up having a biased opinion
on this question :-)


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