Re: Aw: [stella] Jumping back to VSync

Subject: Re: Aw: [stella] Jumping back to VSync
From: "Chris Larkin" <clarkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:40:47 -0700
Thanks to help from a few testers we have documented what happens on a jump
to VSync before the frame is complete.

On all reports the software caused a momentary blink in the picture and then
it returned to normal.  Much like when reset is pressed on most games (Which
I believe does cause an early VSync)

It's probably better to display the whole frame, but it appears to work just
fine as is.

Whether or not Kablamo! will keep the method has yet to be seen.  We'll see
how much ROM I have left when it's complete.

Also, I have no data as to how a PAL TV will react, although I assume it
will behave similar.


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