Re: [stella] SoftVCS

Subject: Re: [stella] SoftVCS
From: "Fabrizio Zavagli" <rasty@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 22:19:11 +0200

> > C. Bond wrote:
> As I mentioned, allowing the user to resize and reshape the game window in
a Windows version
> independent manner means working with the GDI, and the overhead is
ridiculously high. The engine
> itself should only use about 3msec per frame on your system, and Windows
hogs the rest. This is
> unfortunate, but I wanted an 'interactive' screen capability so the
Analyzer and future debuggers
> can select any pixel to analyze. Processors continue to get faster and I
can probably get
> improvements in the engine when I get most of the bugs out, so there's
nowhere to go but up!

Humm just a small idea: how difficult would it be to implement both a GDI
and non-GDI mode so that those who want to just play and have "slower"
systems can do it, while if you have some good horsepower and want to go
GDI, you can do it as well...?

> As far as a debugger goes, I have already included an instruction trace
buffer and a hit counter
> for each opcode so I can add the ability to trap on any line or pixel and
dump the instruction
> history, zero page, processor registers, timer values, etc. during actual

Very cool!

> For the record, I have the following emulator problems:
> 1) Some games to not play at all, (Chopper Command),

For information, I've tried Space Treat Deluxe on the Analyzer, and it
didn't work (Bad opcode @:1147). I don't use illegal opcodes in it, so I
guess it's either a bug or incomplete 6507 emulation..?
But I believe you'll be mostly aware of such stuff!
On the other hand, "Bounce!" worked but with graphical glitches.

Looking forward to updates..


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